Today, people don?t appreciate the poor, especially those who are not empowered and educated in their local communities.

A meeting with rural farmers of Akakai local communities took place in mud-house with no good shelter. Moreover, this was their best place for holding the needs assessment meeting. Apparently, many people are living in abject poverty both in Soroti and Amuria Districts, Eastern region, in Uganda. Many men and women malnourished and are very poor to the extent of being not able to support their families economically and socially. Moreover, young people in rural communities who have no links to the labor market in the urban towns are very much disadvantaged. But, also the youth who are in urban towns have less opportunities to get employment. Therefore, the challenge for youth employment is just daunting!

Many families are experiencing famine at household levels, due to shortage of food. Additionally, they cannot afford to pay tuition fees for their children to access education. However, they cannot afford to pay for good healthcare, but also lack access to healthcare and other social services. Many people are living in dire conditions and facing abject poverty beyond description! We work to make change happen.

The rural farmers held a meeting with Estella and extended their request to be trained in agricultural methods and best ways of intercropping, among others. They have a need to form a producer cooperative by the end of 2019. However, forming a producer cooperative is their only solution and best intervention through the private sector. By so doing, a producer agricultural cooperative can lead to brighter employment prospects by creating jobs for both the youth and adults to meeting employment challenge in their local communities.