Human Rights Training

In January 2018 we’ve been conducting trainings on the subject of human rights, especially women and girl’s rights, in the […]

Increase cassava production

One among more 4 acres for multiplication of improved cassava seeds planted in Amusus village in Amuria District in May, 2017.

Fish pond farming

In Orwadai village, in Soroti District, one of the community elders founded ?Paradise Integrated Fish Farmers? (PIFF). He is retired […]

Escaping poverty

Akakai rural farmers holding a needs assessment meeting with Estella about agriculture development.

Improved cassava seeds

5 acres of cassava project for multiplication of cassava seeds is located in Akakai village in Soroti District.

St. Williams Church community

St. Williams Church community are some of the active participants of empowerment program and a producer cooperative initiative to be formed by end of 2019.