In Orwadai village, in Soroti District, one of the community elders founded ?Paradise Integrated Fish Farmers? (PIFF).

He is retired from public service and now a resident in the poor communities. He started fish farming project in 2011 in order to help many malnourished people in the local communities to have a nutritious diet by eating fish at least once in two months. This project over the past seven (7 years) has helped by providing employment opportunities, to at least 20 youths. Employment has helped improve their livelihoods. However, their joy gives us a sense of happiness to be able to help solve their problem partially.

Additionally, at least, 60 youth got employment opportunities to work in 10 acres of land used to plant cassava seeds for multiplication. These demonstration gardens are located in Akakai, Orwadai and Amusus communities, in Soroti and Amuria Districts.

We work to make a difference in the lives of many poor people (children and parents). However, the project activities we implement in every village teaches us a new lesson. The new lessons, however, motivate us to do regular monitoring and evaluation of project performances. More so, we educate people about taking good care of the project environment and no causing environmental degradation.