In November, 2017, many women who are not yet employed in the labor market formed a group. There was a need for women to follow tailored training so to stimulate their self-esteem and to build their self-confidence that can aid them to get employment and be paid. They followed a ten-week (10wk) orientation training to acquire skills and knowledge to become empowered.

The goal of the training was to successfully provide life skills, mentoring, coaching and career counseling to many women and to move them progressively from unemployment status, to employment status, so to promote self-sufficiency and to actively participate in the labor market.

During the training, every participant was challenged to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to meet a requirement for Level One Empowerment Certificate. The participants demonstrated their willingness and commitment to adapt to changes without hesitation to use their talents for creativity in order to foster service delivery to their communities and the environment.

However, the Trainers assisted the participants where necessary to develop individual personal development plans. The on-going project is a catalyst for career counseling the participants whose progress seems frustrating due to unemployment challenges they face in their daily lives.

So, there is an on-going need for training many women in Amsterdam North, in The Netherlands!